This past week at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, our beginner students were practicing different open hand strikes. We worked on the axe chop, the straight chop, and the cross chop.

The cross chop is an easy technique to learn, and it is a great one to use to teach the cranking motion.  What is the cranking motion?  It’s as one hand jerks back, the other hand fires.

If you only use your striking hand to fire the chop you can still get a lot of power. But the moment that you bring your other hand underneath and jerk it back simultaneously, you generate a tremendous amount more power.

Use a pillow or a couch cushion at home held by a parent if you don’t have a wavemaster or striking bag, but make sure you practice this technique.

And also, from this point forward, as you practice martial arts, start thinking about how to utilize the cranking motion to achieve more power in every single technique.