We have received SO many calls this week about summer camp flexibility, and the questions we get the most are:

Can you pick one week, or a few weeks, or do you have to do the whole summer? And what about just a few days per week? Is that possible?

Glad you asked 🙂

Our camps are designed so you as the parent have TONS of flexibility. So….

Choose one week. Or two. Or seven. Or if you want, come one day per week. Or two. Or three.

Want to only come on pool days? $49 per day.

Want to only come on Fridays? $49 per day.

Only want to come MondayWednesdayFriday? $49 per day, so $147 for the week.

The price break is at four days, so it’s only $199 for the entire week.

And, when you go to register, you can come in, or do it online. Another question is:

Is the week I want still available?

Answer: if it’s still on the website, we still have space. Once we run out of room for a particular week, we will remove it from the available weeks.

Hope that helps! Hurry up and register, summer is fast approaching, and you don’t want to miss out on the most awesome camp in Ashburn!

Have any questions? Email in or call us at 571-293-2467.

Talk soon!

Don Alley

P.S. You can pick and choose which weeks you want, and how many you want. You aren’t confined to the whole summer, and you aren’t confined to a whole week. Choose just a few days per week!