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Super Kicks Karate Birthday Parties!

The birthday party your child and friends will remember forever!

A kids party at Super Kicks is something your child will never forget! Jam packed with activities, games, and of course a martial arts lesson, everyone who goes will have fun.

Do you want to treat your child to a party the kids will talk about for months afterward? Read on…

Here is what is included in the Karate Party Birthday Package

  • 2 hours of thoughtfully structured fun and excitement
  • Games, activities, and of course a martial arts lesson
  • Clean up!
  • Supervision for up to 15 friends by our friendly staff
  • Your child leading the class in martial arts instruction
  • A fun time that doesn’t get out of hand
  • Memories that last a lifetime

Here is what you can add yourself to help make the Karate Birthday Party go even better!

  • A cake and drinks (which are not included)
  • The chance to help out and have some fun yourself!

Sounds better than dropping your child off at a fun zone for a couple of hours to run wild? It is!

A Karate Birthday Party provides the opportunity for your child to shine like the star they are. Here’s how –

  • During the party, our highly qualified instructors will show all the kids how to perform some basic karate moves. Even better – Your child will be teaching the class alongside the instructor.
  • If your child has already reached a suitable level to break a board, then he or she will do that in front of all their friends! This is a real jaw dropper for everyone in the room!
  • If your child already attends Super Kicks but their friends do not, don’t be surprised if their friends are in awe of their accomplishments. They will be talking about it for weeks afterward, and this will all help to boost your own child’s self-confidence.
  • Your child will likely be asked about how to sign up, and soon, more of their friends will want to go to martial arts classes with them.

Our Karate Birthday Parties at Super Kicks in Ashburn get some great feedback from parents!

“My son is still talking about the party weeks later!”
“It’s been a month since our son had a Karate Party, and he’s still saying how cool it was! All the boys who went had a great time, and he’s already told me he would like to have another party there next year!”
“A Karate Party is so much better than a typical kids party where they just go running around crazy for a couple of hours. And they enjoyed it much more!”
“Lauren felt on top of the world for days after the party. Thank you so much”
“Some of my sons friends didn’t even know he attended martial arts lessons before the party. It’s fair to say that they were blown away by how good he is, and the compliments he received really gave him a boost. He’s been smiling for days!”
“Amanda really enjoyed being able to lead the class, and teach her friends some of the basic moves. It has to be the best birthday party she has ever had.”
“My daughter was grinning from ear to ear for ages after the party”
“Just wanted to thank everyone at Super Kicks for putting on a great party. It was one of the rare times I felt comfortable enough to take a back seat at a party, and not worry about running around after the kids to make sure they didn’t hurt themselves”
“Highly recommended… Thank you!””
Connor was looking forward to his party for months, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. He’s so happy that his friends have finally got to see him going through some of the karate moves he’s been learning for all this time.”

Our Karate Parties are AWESOME!!!

Other than bringing a cake and drinks, you don’t have a thing to worry about, as we will take care of the rest. When the party is over, you can simply walk away with the happiest kid in the world, and leave us to clean up afterward. It really is the perfect party.


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Our kids parties are very popular, so it’s a good idea to book well in advance if you can. Get in contact with us via the form below, or better still, give us a call so we can answer your questions directly. You can always drop by and have a chat with us as well if you prefer.

Call us now at 571-293-CHOP (2467) to schedule your child’s next birthday party.

Warning – You child will enjoy the party so much, they will want to return year after year!

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