Q: “Does martial arts training make kids more violent?”

Quite the opposite! Martial arts training instils mental discipline, diplomacy and calmness in volatile situations.

Q: “Do kids get injured when training in martial arts?”

Sometimes they do. The truth is though, that injuries are very rare here. Safety is our main concern at Super Kicks Karate, and we want your child to leave our care as they arrived.

Q: “My child is not really very athletic. Can he/she still do martial arts lessons?”

Of course they can! The fact is, many kids who don’t seem to fit into regular team sports enjoy martial arts programs here in Ashburn.

Q: “Do kids enjoy martial arts enough to stick with it for a while?”

Our kids really have a good time here. It’s all due to the balance of concentration, focus and fun our trainers bring to every class.

Q: “Will training at Super Kicks Karate help to improve my child’s confidence?”

That’s a definite yes! Every achievement that students make when learning martial arts comes from themselves. They may have been taught how to do something, but only they can actually go ahead and then do it. Earning a new belt, or learning a new move are all sources of pride which help fill them with confidence.

Q: “What age should my child be to start at Super Kicks Karate?”

The youngest kids start at around 5 and go up to teenagers. Our classes are then customized to suit kids of different ages and abilities. A class with predominantly 6 year old kids would follow a different plan than that of teenagers for example,

Q: “Is martial arts mainly for boys?”

No! There is a great mix of boys and girls in our Ashburn martial arts classes. And don’t believe that boys are ‘stronger and tougher’!

Have a question which is not on the list above? Please get in contact with us, as we’d love to hear from you.