“Martial arts is so much more than self-defense. Want your kids safe, disciplined and ready to take on life’s trials? Enroll them in a Ashburn Kids Martial Arts Class and achieve this, and beyond!”

Parents can’t stop raving about the results of this successful program.
You can expect your child to improve:
Self-esteem, Focus, Self-discipline, Behavior, Attention

Don’t believe it?! Read on to see some probable familiar scenarios and their desirable successful outcomes. Kids are being changed everyday through this amazing program. You don’t have to sit around wishing that you had a way to instill valuable life lessons in your children. We have a solution and it is right at your fingertips

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Success story #1

kids1Pete is generally a good kid. He has a lot of love to give but gets carried away at times with his friends. He plays a little rough and often ends up breaking his toys. When you want him to stand with you at the grocery store he is running circles around you and throwing undesirable items in the cart. When its time to settle down at night you are wrestling to get him to change in his pajamas and get into bed.
After joining in our martial arts program, he has a meaningful outlet for his energy that carries over into other areas of his day to day living. Now, instead of playing rough Pete wants to practice the moves he learned in martial arts class. When you return to the grocery store you notice that he begins to be aware of his surroundings and asking politely to help put things in the cart. At bedtime you are amazed when Pete puts his pajamas on without asking and feels like he had a full day and wants to get some rest.

Success story #2

Ellie is a quiet and obedient girl. She does well in school but has a hard time making friends. She is often told to speak up because people can’t hear her when she speaks; which is rare. Her mother and father have tried to encourage her to try out for the school play or to invite some girls from class to her birthday party. Much to their dismay Ellie refuses to act on their prompts and continues to play alone in her room.
A few weeks into Ellie’s new martial arts program you can barely believe that she was once so self-conscience and unsure of herself. Through the techniques she learned in class she is feeling good about her progress. Her peers encourage her success and she in turn begins to feel comfortable giving them words of encouragement. There has been many new experiences in class and Ellie feels excited now to attend each session to learn something new. At school she is now raising her hand in class to answer the teachers questions and she begins conversations with her school peers to tell them about all she has learned in martial arts. At her next birthday her parents were surprised when she asked if it was alright if her whole class comes to her party in addition to some new friends at school.


Success story #3

Jackson is doesn’t get into much trouble on his own. Although, when his parents ask him to complete a task it takes him entirely to long to accomplish it; if he ever does. When his friends are over he dumps out the legos to build a castle, then 30 minutes later he is seem watching television while his friend is working alone. In school Jackson’s grades suffer. He’s a smart kid but doesn’t complete the tasks in class that the teacher asks of him. He is often either chatting with his friends or thinking about whats for lunch when he is supposed to be writing an essay.

Jackson’s parents hear from a friend that the Ashburn Kids Martial Arts Class has worked wonders for their kid’s difficulties at home and school and decide to give it a try. After the unbelievable results Jackson and his parents can’t imagine not having this program in their life. He has gained a sense of self, focus, and clarity. Through the patient instruction of the Master he is more aware of his body and their relation to his surroundings. He has calmed his mind and is able to focus on one task at a time unto completion. When his parents need hime to complete a chore he does it now in a timely manner. At school, his teachers can’t believe the transformation in his attention span. He still enjoys talking with his friends but does so after his assignment is completed; which doesn’t take him long. Jackson’s grades have improved, his focus has skyrocketed and his frustrating relationship with his parents has all but disappeared.

A Solution

If you have experienced as a parent any version of any of these scenarios don’t hesitate to get your child involved in a Ashburn Martial Arts Class today. The reward of such a journey will last a lifetime. With the many tools learned, every kid benefits from this fun undertaking.

Give Martial arts class a try and quickly learn the benefits. Most kids will show visible improvements in only a few short weeks!

joyful10Improved Focus- Many kids have trouble seeing one task to completion. They begin a task but are quickly sidetracked by other stimulations in their environment. This problem is even more apparent in kids that suffer from attention disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). In our highly organized martial arts class kids are instructed in one move at a time. After the directive the kid is patiently assisted until he follows instruction. Our expectations of the kids are high but we do not leave them to reach these expectations on their own. Through collaborative efforts the kids quickly learn to focus on then task at hand which transfers to all areas of life.

joyful10Self-Discipline- As parents you are great at encouraging your child no matter the task; you want to see them succeed. The trouble comes in when you aren’t there to urge them on. What will your kid do? Will they quit trying when no one is there to cheer them on or will they try their best at all tasks for the satisfaction of improving? When in our martial arts program this priceless character trait is not ignored. We love to encourage our kids to try their best and succeed but ultimately their success has to come from an internal drive. They have to attempt new techniques and put forth effort to improve them on their own. This internal drive to improve is elevating their self-discipline with every move.

joyful10Self-esteem- Its easy to see the detrimental effects of low self-esteem in kids. They have poor peer relations, often are self-destructive, and rarely are able to excel in life. If self-esteem isn’t stabilized in childhood it is becomes harder to rectify as they get older. How does our martial arts class help improve self-esteem? Through empowering the kids. The kids learn to defend themselves. They also learn that trying new things can be fun and doesn’t have to be scary. By improving their abilities in the class they feel good about themselves. The kid’s peers in the class will all be aiming for the same goals giving the child a sense of belonging and importance. The smile on the face of a child who has just successfully completed a hard technique or has moved up in their belts is unforgettable. They feel good about themselves and their accomplishments thus raising their self-esteeming.

Martial Arts is fun!

And with all these amazing benefits we haven’t even said the best part. Martial Arts is fun! The kids don’t even realize all the attributes they are improving on because they just know that they are having fun, hanging out with friends, and learning some cool moves. The practical reason of self-defense in martial arts is secondary to the fun had while achieving it.

Don’t just believe me in all we discussed here,
read what parents have to say about their child’s experience in this renown program!


“My child has only been in class for a couple weeks and she is a changed kid…”

“The first thing she says when she wakes up is, ‘Are we gong to my class today?”


“It brought tears to my eyes when my daughter said that she isn’t afraid of the bullies at school anymore”

“I am no longer fighting with my son over every chore! He actually helps out oftentimes without me asking”



Does Martial arts make my child prone to violence?

No! Contrary to popular belief, we are not going your kid the skills to go beat up the kid down the block. We teach self-defense while at the same time teaching them to use it in the confines of respect for others and self. It generally will help kids to be less violent by showing them a way to control themselves and giving them an appropriate outlet for any aggression they may feel.

My kid has never been into sports. Will this be too difficult for them?

No, this is perfect for the kid who didn’t excel in other typical sports. In martial arts the child excels at a pace that is comfortable for them. It caters to kids of all energy levels and has many different facets that your child can excel in.

What age is best for martial arts?

All ages! Classes start for the very young to the very wise. There is something in it for everyone. Its a great tools to begin kids at an early age but many adults join and have a blast too.

Is martial arts dangerous?

Not usually. In any sport injuries are a possibility but happen very rarely. We use appropriate gear, have padded floors, and are careful to watch for any potential risks. Safety is one of our highest concerns.

How do I know my kid will want to go after I enroll him?

Unless it is a very unusual case your kid will want to come to class. In the many years of teaching it is not common for a kid to not have fun while here. We encourage the kids and promote healthy peer involvement that improves the chances of your kid not wanting to miss a session. It will probably be the kid that ends up pushing you out the door to come to class!

Will my girl enjoy the class?

Yes! In my experience there has been just as many boys as girls typically who join a given class. Gender is not important when looking at the benefits martial arts has to offer. All kids should know self-defense and gain the valuable life lessons that we instill here. The girls and boys work well together. Its fun to watch their unique skill sets, no matter the gender, come to light.

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