Confidence and Self Defense

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What comes to mind when you hear the word self-defense?  Bar fights? A home invasion? Bullies on the playground? Being attacked while out on a run? If you Google “martial arts for self-defense”, you get an exhaustive list of people’s opinions on which martial art is best for self-defense and why.

The truth is that training in a martial arts for the purpose of self-defense isn’t about becoming like Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon”, or Rhonda Rousey in the UFC octagon.  Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn knows that self defense is a much more practical art that combines confidence, and the tools of quick thinking and skill.

Today we will delve into one of the most overlooked aspects of self defense: Confidence.

Fear vs. Confidence:. Turn on the TV, log into social media, and you are bombarded with tales of violence, disaster and tragedy. Fear is a very powerful emotion, but not one to be held captive to. Every day there seems to be a new technique, book or meditation to teach you how to overcome fear. This is a wonderful thing. But in a moment of attack or surprise, fear is our bodies natural reaction to threat. It’s called  the “Fight or Flight” response. Instead of freezing up though, you can be proactive by building your self confidence in your knowledge and abilities to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Super Kicks Karate offers a variety of martial arts classes that do just that. From our basic karate program that advances you from white to black belt; to our intense Krav Maga classes; to self defense seminars on how to handle different attack scenarios; we have a program that will meet your needs. You will gain physical strength, but more importantly, your self confidence will grow with each new class.

So walk taller, exude confidence, and sign up today.