Get Fit With Our Kickboxing Classes!

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Summer is right around the corner. Want a way to get lean and toned, and have a blast?  Today on our blog we are talking to our fabulous kickboxing instructor, Aimee Hunt, who tells us all about what you can expect from the kickboxing classes we offer at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn.

“Kickboxing at Super Kicks is an amazing workout designed by Master Alley. He based it on the drills and exercises he used when training for his fights–as you may know, he is a world champion in AFK. He incorporated strength training from the warrior xfit workout, which is put out by people he trains with.

Our workout uses high intensity interval training, which conditions your whole body and helps you lose any extra weight. It also teaches you sound self- defense moves, that you perfect over time.  The more you practice a self- defense technique, the more powerful and readily available it is if you ever need it. And you get to have fun, & meet some great workout partners, as you are learning!

For those who want to build an extensive self-defense skill set that is practical and trained for real life use, our Krav Maga classes are the best. The adult warrior program includes both, as well as intense boot camps. But don’t be scared by the word “intense”: newcomers to the program start with half intensity workouts! We want you to stick around and train with us, and enjoy the benefits!

One of my favorite parts of being an instructor is getting to see the gains people make on the free fitness evaluations that we do, one-on-one, each month. It’s so exciting to watch all the improvements the dedicated students make.”

Want more information? Visit our website or call us to come in for a free introductory class!