Self Defense for Runners

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With the warmer weather finally upon us, more and more of us who run indoors during the winter months are moving our runs to the great outdoors. But as always, there are safety measures to be taken. Reflective clothing, sunscreen, proper hydration….these are elements of our run that we can control. But what about the unthinkable? What about being out on the trail and being taken by surprise? No one likes to talk about the possibility of being attacked, no one thinks it could happen to them.

Instead of running scared, why not learn what you can do to defend yourself and actually be tested on it? This Saturday, Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn is holding a FREE seminar on self defense for runners. We will meet from 4-5:30 PM to learn practical self defense moves to free yourself from and incapacitate an attacker. Then, we will go out for a two mile run where we will be “ambushed” by volunteers at the one mile and two mile markers and have to put these moves into practice in a real, “being tired from running”, setting.

As a benefit to the community, we will also have a donation jar to raise money for LAWS/Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice, a non-profit, local organization whose focus is on assisting victims of sexual assault. You can learn more about this wonderful organization on their webpage.

We hope to see you there! Click here to register.

You can also check out our website to see the variety of martial arts classes we offer.