Can you defend yourself?

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Are you capable of stopping a violent physical confrontation in about five seconds or less? That may sound far-fetched but it can be done quite easily. Of course, you don’t need to have a gun! Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn has a class that teaches you the “anything goes” art of Krav Maga for self defense.

Unfortunately, too many high ranking martial artists have ended up in intensive care after being confronted by street thugs. All the controlled environment training and techniques are good martial arts training but they tend to vanish in a sudden real life confrontation.

The most common error made by martial artists today is trying to use sport techniques for real combat – when self defense is actually needed. Sport techniques require constant practice with rules, time limit and safety gears that are rightfully there. These however, are not present on the street, in a garage or somewhere around the corner. You need to know how to think fast and defend yourself.

There are absolutely no rules in the game of reality – it’s all about survival! The need for self defense in addition to your martial art skills cannot be overemphasized. We at Super Kicks Karate are proud to offer our Krav Maga classes that teach you how to defend yourself in real life situations. You can register here and try out a class today.