Back to School Karate Program

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kids-martialCan you believe it’s August already? Schools are sending out supply lists, parents are taking advantage of the upcoming tax-free weekend, and then there are the plethora of after school activities. When choosing an activity for your kids (or the whole family), have you considered a “back to school” karate program?

Face it, the beginning of the school year is fraught with ups and downs. Give your kids the gift of an activity that will provide not only fun, but the benefits of discipline and self confidence too! Martial arts is perfect for combining exercise with the kind of respect and attitude that we all want our kids to have. It boosts them physically, lifts their self esteem, and lets them blow off steam- because hey, kids get stressed too!

Now is the perfect time to start, especially because we have a risk free Back to School Karate Program offer of 6 weeks for only $69. Get your kids in a routine BEFORE school starts and make the back to school transition easier on everyone.

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