Ronda Rousey does Krav Maga

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Ronda Rousey…. Olympic medalist in Judo, undefeated women’s MMA champion, and Krav Maga artist. If you haven’t heard her name mentioned recently you haven’t been on the internet! Just last weekend Ronda went into her UFC 190 Title Fight and defeated her opponent, Bethe Correia, in 34 seconds with a knock out. Why is Ronda such a big deal? Well, we could write an entire thesis on how important and inspiring she is,  but to make it easier here is a link to great article that explains why. But even better? Ronda Rousey does Krav Maga.

So how can doing Krav Maga can inspire you? Want a toned body? Krav Maga will get you there. Want to feel stronger and more self confident? Krav Maga is just the thing. Want to challenge yourself with a no nonsense form of self defense? Krav Maga will do just that.

You may not be stepping into a UFC octagon any time soon, but take a cue from Ronda Rousey and do Krav Maga. You will surprise, challenge and inspire yourself and those around you. Try out our awesome Krav Maga classes risk free. Find out more on our website and sign up today!