Kids Karate Classes Teach Black Belt Nutrition in Ashburn, VA!

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Martial arts classes at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, VA just got even better!

It’s important to us to teach our karate students how to eat, drink, and have healthy bodies. This month at Super Kicks, our kids martial arts classes are setting goals on what they plan to eat, and structuring a diet/plan to follow for the month.


Food is fuel. If you put water or kerosene in your car’s engine, the car stops working. If you put too much sugar and junk food in your body, too much processed food, your BODY shuts down. It’s pretty simple to understand, however too many people don’t make the switch.

In order to learn martial arts and self defense, it is important to give your body the fuel you need to train!

This month, make the effort to eat like a black belt leader, take responsibility for your choices, and make a wonderful change for your body!

If you are interested in our kids martial arts classes, and you want your family to find out if our karate program is right for you, click here!