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 3-5 tournement

Happy Monday everyone!

Master Alley here, hope life is great!

Congrats to everyone who competed and participated in the tournament this past Saturday, I was really proud, and I am already looking forward to the next one. Mark your calendars, it’s May 14th!

Our next graduation is April 23rd. We start week 2 of our training today, so we are a ways out. But with your goals, you begin with the end in mind, so come to class ready to rock, train hard, and LEARN!

This week:

Beginners–Basic Punch, Jab/Cross, Downward Hammerfist, Stomp

Beginner Leadership Program–Above + Universal 1 (the first kata)

Advanced–Universal 7.

Leadership Students do NOT need equipment this week.

This coming Saturday, we have a Self-Defense Seminar scheduled for 6pm. This will be a ladies self-defense seminar, how to defend against a bear hug (being pulled into a car/van), and how to defend yourself from the ground! It’s going to be a blast! Cost is only $49, or FREE if you bring a friend. Or, if you have an express pass, you are covered 🙂

It’s going to be a great week everyone, see you soon!

Master Alley

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