Ladies Only Self Defense

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Ladies only self defense

This past Saturday we had our first ladies only self defense seminar in Ashburn!  We had an amazing turn out and the class was absolutely pack from one side of the floor to the other.  Check out what happened during our seminar!

  • This was taught FOR ladies, BY ladies. Miss Gelles and Mrs. Garcia, two of the talented chief instructors on our team.  They are extremely knowledgeable and motivating, and taught some life-saving techniques.
  • Striking. We taught some easy to learn, yet POWERFUL ways to strike. We went over a proper front kick, cross elbow, and knee strike.  While learning in the air is great for learning proper form…we did pad work to learn how to strike an actual target.
Ladies only self defense

Learning elbow strikes to combat an attacker from the rear

  • We went over two of the most common ways women are grabbed, and how to strike and maneuver your way out of them.  We also went over how to get up from a ground attack.
  • Weapons…we could spend years teaching you what we know about defense against a weapon. Entire martial arts systems have been built around it. But on Saturday, we went over some basics, and taught a technique that is quick and effective.

One hour clearly wasn’t enough to cover all of the material in our arsenal…it wasn’t even a drop in the bucket.  We had such a strong response from our seminar that we have decided to make this an ongoing class. Starting now we will be having a class every Saturday at 2:15pm.  If you have ever wanted to learn, but were apprehensive due to a male instructor, you can put those fears aside.  This ladies only self defense class is strictly FOR women, BY women!

Contact us now to get started in this amazing class!