Super Kicks Instructor’s Corner – Small Changes/Big Results

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Super Kicks instructors are always working hard to encourage their students.  Sometimes just the smallest thing can have a big impact.  Each of our instructors has a story to tell about a little encouragement that made a big difference.

Super Kicks Instructors

Ms. Gelles

We have a student in after school named Bibek. He’s a fantastic student. His attitude is always great! He works hard, is not upset by setbacks, smiles constantly, etc. He’s one of those students who could always earn red stripe for the attitude of the day. Last week while I was teaching, he was doing especially well. All of the people were affected by it. I gave him the red stripe that day and now he is consistently working at that higher level that I saw that day. No matter how high intensely someone is performing they can always push a little more and Bibek did that beautifully last week.  Way to go!


Super Kicks Instructors

Mrs. Garcia


I had a student that was watching mom consistently in class.  The mom would coach him off to the side thinking it would help.  One day she approached me and told me that she noticed he wasn’t paying attention in class.  I helped her appreciate the fact that talking to a student during class is actually more distracting than helpful.  She looked at me shocked.  She decided that she would step out to see how his progress would be and it really helped him to focus.



Super Kicks Instructors

Mr. Garcia

I was working with the O’Conner family in the beginner class. Their daughter, Addison, has trouble with the confidence to Kiai loud in class so she sometimes doesn’t kiai at all. The moment we starting working on board breaking, something had clicked to where she started to smile and have fun. I told her that if she kiais louder then the board will break more easily. And so she did and was able to break the board really well. This was such a great thing to see because it was big improvement from before with her. After class Mr. and Mrs. O’Conner thanked me because I was able to get Addison to open up in class. They were impressed with how she started to kiai louder and open up in class.