How To Perfect Your Front Kick

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A Quick Front Kick Training Tip!

When students are learning the front kick for the first time, it’s very common that you see them make this mistake- their knee comes up and they shoot the kick but their standing foot comes up, too. This causes the heel to leave the ground. This is not correct because it can cause you to lose balance and losing balance means losing power! There is a way that we can fix this common error, through training and practice.

Try having someone hold the ankle of your standing foot down as you execute that front kick. As seen in the video, Mrs. Walter,

Front Kick Tip

Have a partner hold down your standing foot!

she’s got her hands up she’s firing her front kick. As she’s kicking, Mr. Cubias is holding her ankle in place just as a way to help her practice by keeping her standing foot stabilized. It’s a great way to help her practice throw these kicks consistently. Again, that standing foot, you want to keep it nice and tight to the ground.

When we throw a roundhouse kick, side kick, or hook kick, and the kicks are aimed to the side, there will be a point in time when as our knee comes up, our standing foot pivots and comes off the ground. However, that heel is going to plant back down on the ground right as we throw that kick. For example, on a sidekick, my knee comes up. I pivot, boom! Then my heel comes back down right as I striking. On this front kick, you’re going to keep that heel planted the entire time. I’m doing my kick, my guard is up, knee comes up, I shoot it, this foot has got to remain planted, firm. Practice that!

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P.S. Another great training tip: Train With Intensity In Your Face! 

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