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It’s Good to Struggle

In Coaching, Excellence, Kids Martial Arts Classes by Don Alley

I like seeing you struggle. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? 🙂 But I like it! I like seeing you struggle with that new kick. With that new grab technique . With that spinning hook kick where you jump off of your front foot and spin forward and land your foot, all while trying to hit the center of the target. I …

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Respect. Can you be too polite?!

In Discipline, Kids Martial Arts Classes, Leadership by Don Alley

During the month of May, the life skill that we taught and discussed in each of our family martial arts classes was on “respect.” So imagine my delight when I was out shopping last month, and after making small-talk, the gentleman taking my order looked at me inquisitively and said, “You’re too polite.” HA! “What, would you prefer that I …

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Use the Cranking Motion to Get More Power

In Coaching, General by Don Alley

This past week at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, our beginner students were practicing different open hand strikes. We worked on the axe chop, the straight chop, and the cross chop. The cross chop is an easy technique to learn, and it is a great one to use to teach the cranking motion.  What is the cranking motion?  It’s as …

Why We Want Our Students Sparring More

In Self Defense, Uncategorized by Don Alley

One of the best ways to test your skills as a martial artist is sparring. Not everyone likes it. I get it. Sometimes it can be scary, students are afraid they will get hurt. But the reality is it’s a great way to improve, and often times it adds more meaning to your training.  Fighting makes all of those forms …

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Does Karate Teach Leadership and Responsibility?

In General, Uncategorized by Don Alley

At Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, VA, we ask our students to do 7 chores per day for the entire month, and at the end of the month, we reward them with a gold star on the lapel of their uniform. This is one of the ways we instill discipline, responsibility, and leadership in our students OUTSIDE the academy. It’s …