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When It’s Tough, We Get Tougher ❤️

In Coaching, Discipline, Excellence by Don Alley

“Thank you sir, may I have some more, please?!” “It hurts goooood!” These are some of the fun phrases we shout in class as students are working hard stretching, training, and practicing martial arts. It’s important to me that we teach our students that achieving anything great is going to be tough. You want to be a black belt? You …

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What’s With the Dummy Outside?

In Community, General, Self Defense, Training by Don Alley

“Sooooo what’s with the dummy outside?” “Excuse me sir, but his name is Bob, he works hard, and he has feelings too.”  🤪 BOB (Body Opponent Bag) has become the de facto mascot of Super Kicks, and he likes it when you punch him in the face, stomp him in the stomach, and wring his neck from behind. Never hit …

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Do You or Your Child Fall Into These Categories?

In Community, Confidence, Discipline, Excellence by Don Alley

I love what martial arts training does for people. The bottom line is…martial arts, taught well, can be life altering. Martial arts training can transform a shy little girl into a confident, self-assured young lady. Martial arts training can help a wild, ADHD diagnosed little boy channel his energy into becoming a focused, enthusiastic young man. Martial arts training can …

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Beautiful Song, Horrible Life Coaching

In Uncategorized by Don Alley

I just listened to the song “ Que Sera, Sera .” I have heard it my entire life… but only JUST paid attention to the lyrics. It’s a beautiful song by Doris Day, and the people she is singing about are asking about the future, and her blanket answer is: Whatever will be, will be.   Whaaaaaaat?!! I’d like to …

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I’m the Worst. And It’s the Best!

In Summer Camp by Don Alley

One of my favorite things to do to my dad and son, is, well… to scare them. Back in 2016, I knew my dad had less than a year left to live, so I moved him up to Ashburn to be closer to me. It was an amazing year, full of wonderful memories… memories that helped heal the past, bridge …

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Community is Everything

In Community, Events, Outdoor by Don Alley

Recently, families and friends from Super Kicks Karate participated in the Loco ride, a 26, 50, or 70-mile bike ride through western Loudoun. It was such a bittersweet day. I loved getting to ride with some of our students on the bike trail, creating new memories with friends. Congrats to those who rode with us ❤️ And it was also …

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Discouraged About Your Progress? Read This [90-second read]

In Coaching, Confidence, Excellence, General, Leadership, Training by Don Alley

Ever had a week that was busy, crazy, you were hustling and pumping, and you knew that you were moving the ball forward… but when you stopped and looked back, you couldn’t figure out what you ACTUALLY accomplished? Welcome to every human, EVER, right?! Sometimes, this is also how it feels with our martial arts training. We come to class, …