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5 Fears Parents Have About Summer Camp

In After School, Day Camp, Summer Camp by Don Alley

What are YOU afraid of about summer camp? We polled dozens of parents recently, and there were 5 main fears that parents share when choosing a summer camp for their kids. Safety. Will my kid get hurt? Safety is our top priority at Super Kicks. No one has fun when they get hurt, and we want all our campers to …

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5 FUN Summer Camp Field Trips We Have Planned!

In After School, Day Camp, Events, Kids Martial Arts Classes, Leadership, Summer Camp by Don Alley

Looking for a fun, safe, activity-packed summer camp in Ashburn, where you can drop your kiddos off, and know that they will be worn out at the end of the day from all the FUN?! Look no further! In addition to daily martial arts classes where they build their confidence and self-defense skills… In addition to the balloon animal learning …

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I Confirmed Their Suspicions: Americans are CRAAAAZYY!

In After School, General, Kids Martial Arts Classes, Personal Stories, Training, Uncategorized by Don Alley

Shock. Awe. Disbelief. Who thinks that way? Who says that? The look on everyone’s face as we all sat there eating was worth the whole trip 🙂 Let me back up. Last year, I went on a vacation to Italy, but not a sightseeing trip. It was a swim vacation! Every day, 4-5 kilometers of swimming along the coastline of …

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 1

In After School, Coaching, Confidence, Discipline, Excellence, General, How To, Kids Martial Arts Classes, Leadership, Personal Stories, Training, Uncategorized, Universal Technique by Don Alley

Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform Can you hear it? Students, one of the things I want you to do when you are practicing your forms is to listen to the sound of them. I was just testing a student on their universals one through nine and their techniques were really strong, really good! However, I couldn’t hear their uniform! …

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How Did Super Kicks Get Started?

In After School, Personal Stories, Summer Camp by Don Alley

Everywhere on Facebook for the last week, I have seen people bashing 2016, and cursing the entire year. I will admit, we lost some pretty amazing artists during the last 365 days, and have had our ups and downs. However, if you look back, I would also imagine that we have all had some pretty special memories, and some pretty …

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After School Program News and Updates

In After School, Day Camp by Don Alley

News & Updates! I hope the week is finding you all well! Here is the latest and greatest after school program news!  Last week our kinder program focused on the number 10. We had fun coloring worksheets, counting out 10 things around the studio, and also counting by 10’s. We learned about what it means to be patient, wait your …

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After School Program Update!

In After School by After School

Ms. Cepeda here, my apologies for not posting this sooner…we have been so busy at our After School Program! Nevertheless, I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with turkey and time off! Last week we had a great time during our short week in Thanksgiving day camp. We made turkey crafts and navigated through an obstacle course in …