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Use An Event To Improve Faster

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Use An Event To Improve Faster Hey, what’s up, everybody?! Welcome to Master Alley’s Training Tips – episode number one! The training tip for today is: Use an event to improve, faster! You’re already making sure that you’re coming to class and that you’re training. You may be working towards your yellow belt, your orange belt, eventually your black belt, right? Some …

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Ways To Practice Martial Arts At Home

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3 Ways To Practice Martial Arts At Home, especially if you’re a beginner… Earlier this week, a parent reached out to me- “Master Alley, my child isn’t practicing at home.” My response was, she probably doesn’t really know how to practice. Honestly, as a beginner, when you’re first starting out, all you’re learning are very basic movements, one move at …

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Incorporating Black Belt Respect At School And At Home

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Hello everyone! Earlier this week Mrs. Garcia talked about some ways to work with our children on being respectful, courteous and kind at home and at school. I wanted to share it with you. Here is what she had to say: “Hi guys, this is Mrs. Garcia with Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful 2018! I …

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9 Reasons We Are Martial Arts Instructors

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It’s the beginning of a new month and I am reminding my staff why we love being martial artists. Yesterday, I held a team meeting and gave my team nine different reasons they are martial artists, just to remind us why we do what we do. Number 1- We get to share our passion. I love martial arts! All of …

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18 Ways to Lose Weight- Starting Now

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Hello, everybody! Let’s get straight to it-18 different things you can do right now to lose weight! Oftentimes, we already know the things we can do to help us lose weight but it’s just a matter of getting ourselves to do them. Some of these will sound familiar: 1- Set your weight-loss goal. Know exactly where you are now and where …

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Finish 2017 STRONG with your Goals!

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This week, our leadership life skill is on goal setting. We teach our students that a goal is something you want and you’re willing to work very hard for, “This is what I want. This is what I plan to do to make it happen,” and then you absolutely make it happen. It’s October. I just want to remind our …