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4 Reasons Students Join Our Instructor Program

In Coaching, Confidence, Discipline, Excellence, Leadership, Training by Don Alley

4 Reasons Students Join Our Instructor Program For some of our martial arts students in Ashburn and Leesburg, VA, learning karate and being able to defend themselves isn’t enough. They want more. They want to start giving back to others around them. These students want to become instructors. When we sense this in our students, we usually invite them to …

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 1

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform Can you hear it? Students, one of the things I want you to do when you are practicing your forms is to listen to the sound of them. I was just testing a student on their universals one through nine and their techniques were really strong, really good! However, I couldn’t hear their uniform! …

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9 Reasons We Are Martial Arts Instructors

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It’s the beginning of a new month and I am reminding my staff why we love being martial artists. Yesterday, I held a team meeting and gave my team nine different reasons they are martial artists, just to remind us why we do what we do. Number 1- We get to share our passion. I love martial arts! All of …

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18 Ways to Lose Weight- Starting Now

In Coaching, Confidence, Discipline, How To, Nutrition by Don Alley

Hello, everybody! Let’s get straight to it-18 different things you can do right now to lose weight! Oftentimes, we already know the things we can do to help us lose weight but it’s just a matter of getting ourselves to do them. Some of these will sound familiar: 1- Set your weight-loss goal. Know exactly where you are now and where …

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Our Instructors Love to Inspire Our Students

In Confidence, Personal Stories by Don Alley

At Super Kicks Karate, our instructors don’t just teach good martial arts.  They love to inspire our students.  Every day is an opportunity to reach out and help someone feel good about themselves.  To build self confidence and to show them they can do anything they put their mind to.  Check out some of our success stories!  Every week they …

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Become a Confident Martial Artist

In Confidence, Kids Martial Arts Classes by admin

Earlier this week, I was taking one of our students through their pretest for black belt, and I was coaching them on how to give me more “face”. The student was powerful with his techniques, but was lacking emotion. When you are doing a kata or form, it should look like a fight, so there should be intensity in your …