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Finish 2017 STRONG with your Goals!

In Coaching, Discipline, Leadership by Don Alley

This week, our leadership life skill is on goal setting. We teach our students that a goal is something you want and you’re willing to work very hard for, “This is what I want. This is what I plan to do to make it happen,” and then you absolutely make it happen. It’s October. I just want to remind our …

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How to Practice Universal 2 – Detailed Tips and Training

In Leadership, Universal Technique by Don Alley

Universal 2, Universal 2. It’s time for us to learn Universal 2!  You’ve heard about it so now let’s practice it for our next belt.  This video highlights some key details to focus on to get this down. Universal 2 includes a series of kicks, punches and block techniques. Let’s watch and practice together… “Victory. Humility. Courtesy. Universal 2.” *Pay …

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Respect. Can you be too polite?!

In Discipline, Kids Martial Arts Classes, Leadership by Don Alley

During the month of May, the life skill that we taught and discussed in each of our family martial arts classes was on “respect.” So imagine my delight when I was out shopping last month, and after making small-talk, the gentleman taking my order looked at me inquisitively and said, “You’re too polite.” HA! “What, would you prefer that I …