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What’s With the Dummy Outside?

In Community, General, Self Defense, Training by Don Alley

“Sooooo what’s with the dummy outside?” “Excuse me sir, but his name is Bob, he works hard, and he has feelings too.”  🤪 BOB (Body Opponent Bag) has become the de facto mascot of Super Kicks, and he likes it when you punch him in the face, stomp him in the stomach, and wring his neck from behind. Never hit …

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Turning Failure into Success

In Coaching, Confidence, Discipline, Excellence, General, Leadership, Self Defense by Don Alley

This week in our classes… We have been teaching our students an important life skill–“failure.” I love talking about this. I like teaching our students that it’s okay to fail, and as a matter of fact, it’s GOOD to fail. How often does that message get communicated to our kids? How often does that message get communicated to US? It’s …

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Fun Way to Practice Blocking for Self Defense

In Self Defense by Don Alley

Imagine someone putting their hands on you without your permission. What do you do? Your job is to defend yourself, at a minimum. In order to protect yourself you need a way to become a better blocker. In this video Master Alley exhibits several blocking techniques to use to help you protect yourself for self defense. BLOCKING TECHNIQUES: Star block …

Why We Want Our Students Sparring More

In Self Defense, Uncategorized by Don Alley

One of the best ways to test your skills as a martial artist is sparring. Not everyone likes it. I get it. Sometimes it can be scary, students are afraid they will get hurt. But the reality is it’s a great way to improve, and often times it adds more meaning to your training.  Fighting makes all of those forms …

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Ladies Only Self Defense

In Self Defense by admin

This past Saturday we had our first ladies only self defense seminar in Ashburn!  We had an amazing turn out and the class was absolutely pack from one side of the floor to the other.  Check out what happened during our seminar! This was taught FOR ladies, BY ladies. Miss Gelles and Mrs. Garcia, two of the talented chief instructors …

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5 Practical Self Defense Tips

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Recently in our area, a woman was found dead in her home, and her estranged husband is charged with the murder.  I had the privilege of working with her family, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking what’s happened.  Unfortunately, you hear stories like this all the time in the news, but it doesn’t feel the same as when you knew them personally.  …