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Secret Exercise to help Build Stamina, Speed, and Timing

In Training by Don Alley

Enhance your fitness, your conditioning and your strength all while making yourself a better fighter with this secret workout. It’s something Master Alley’s instructor had him do on a regular basis. It’s painful, fun, exciting, horrible. It’s horrific and wonderful all at the same time! We are talking about the good old classic JUMP ROPE. Think of yourself bouncing on …

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Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick

In How To, Training by Don Alley

Let’s get into the Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick. It’s a mouthful and this advanced move can take some time to master but you will have it down before you can say Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick 3x in a row! This move is a combative basic for Rotation 7.   In the video, Master Alley shares some easy to …