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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 1

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform Can you hear it? Students, one of the things I want you to do when you are practicing your forms is to listen to the sound of them. I was just testing a student on their universals one through nine and their techniques were really strong, really good! However, I couldn’t hear their uniform! …

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18 Ways to Lose Weight- Starting Now

In Coaching, Confidence, Discipline, How To, Nutrition by Don Alley

Hello, everybody! Let’s get straight to it-18 different things you can do right now to lose weight! Oftentimes, we already know the things we can do to help us lose weight but it’s just a matter of getting ourselves to do them. Some of these will sound familiar: 1- Set your weight-loss goal. Know exactly where you are now and where …

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Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick

In How To, Training by Don Alley

Let’s get into the Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick. It’s a mouthful and this advanced move can take some time to master but you will have it down before you can say Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick 3x in a row! This move is a combative basic for Rotation 7.   In the video, Master Alley shares some easy to …