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Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick

In How To, Training by Don Alley

Let’s get into the Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick. It’s a mouthful and this advanced move can take some time to master but you will have it down before you can say Jump Side Kick-Spinning Back Kick 3x in a row! This move is a combative basic for Rotation 7.   In the video, Master Alley shares some easy to …

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How to Practice Universal 2 – Detailed Tips and Training

In Leadership, Universal Technique by Don Alley

Universal 2, Universal 2. It’s time for us to learn Universal 2!  You’ve heard about it so now let’s practice it for our next belt.  This video highlights some key details to focus on to get this down. Universal 2 includes a series of kicks, punches and block techniques. Let’s watch and practice together… “Victory. Humility. Courtesy. Universal 2.” *Pay …

Why We Want Our Students Sparring More

In Self Defense, Uncategorized by Don Alley

One of the best ways to test your skills as a martial artist is sparring. Not everyone likes it. I get it. Sometimes it can be scary, students are afraid they will get hurt. But the reality is it’s a great way to improve, and often times it adds more meaning to your training.  Fighting makes all of those forms …

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Does Karate Teach Leadership and Responsibility?

In General, Uncategorized by Don Alley

At Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, VA, we ask our students to do 7 chores per day for the entire month, and at the end of the month, we reward them with a gold star on the lapel of their uniform. This is one of the ways we instill discipline, responsibility, and leadership in our students OUTSIDE the academy. It’s …

Super Kicks After School Highlights Devin Perkins

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Devin Perkins (or Mr. Perkins as our students know him), 24, is senior counselor and team leader at Super Kicks After School and Summer Program. Over the last four years, Devin has captained one of the most impressive championship teams in the US adult flag football league. Mr. Perkins’ team, BMF (Bigger Meaner Faster) plays through Fairfax Adult Athletic, a …

Maintaining proper hydration – how much water should you drink every day

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Keeping hydrated is extremely important in general, but especially so if you are engaging in strenuous activities such as martial arts.  There is a formula for calculating how much water you should be drinking every day.  Take your body weight and divide it in half.  That number equals the ounces of water you should be consuming every day.  That does …

Essential pantry items, Best financial advice, Overcoming stress – #askmasteralley3

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#askmasteralley episode 3!  Overcoming stress, Best financial advice, Must have in your pantry. Lots of great answers this week! 3 essential pantry items – water (lots of it), avocados, and quinoa. The best financial advice he ever received – Understanding assets and liabilities, and then creating assets.  Where did he get that great financial advice? This book right here…  You …

Eating Vegan, Developing Grit in Our Kids, and Triathlon Training-#askmasteralley Episode 2

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It’s our second episode of #askmasteralley videos! This week’s topics include veganism, triathalon training, and building grit & determination in our children.  Master Alley is back again with the second installment of videos answering questions that our martial arts students ask him.  He’s got great tips and advice that cover a wide variety of topics.   A healthy lifestyle is …

Stop Bullying Now! Episode 1 – 5 Steps to Dealing With a Bully

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How do you stop bullying now?  No one wants to hear that their child is being bullied. Parents, School Staff, and your Martial Arts Instructor all have a role in the prevention of bullying. Help your child put a stop to bullying now with the 5 steps laid out in this video.  Fighting should come as an absolute last resort, …