Whether you need Snow Day Camp, Teacher Workday Camp, or other minor school holiday Day Camps, we’ve got you covered!

Upcoming Camps for the rest of the 2015-2016 school year.


Our day camps run from 9:00am – 5:00pm with drop-off beginning as early as 7:00am and pick-up as late at 6:00pm. We play games, do crafts, take field trips, martial arts classes, etc. Kids love it here!

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2016 Camps

[/fusion_text]Columbus Day CampNovember Teacher Work DayWinter Break[/one_third][one_third last=”no” class=”” id=”kic15″][fusion_text]

2017 Camps

[/fusion_text]Martin Luther King Jr.Presidents’ Day CampApril Teacher WorkdaySpring BreakMemorial Day Camp[/one_third][one_third last=”yes” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]Road-to-Resilience[/fusion_text][/one_third][fusion_text] [/fusion_text]