Becoming more disciplined is at the heart of learning martial arts. Students must make the mental choice to demand something physically of their body, and get a specific result. This is what discipline is, doing what you MUST do, instead of just doing what you feel like doing. By practicing martial arts, students are able to get into the habit of pushing themselves and being structured in how they behave. This newfound discipline effortlessly translates into better performance at home, and improved grades in school.
Very rarely do we have students who get injured. It happens, like in all sports, but on the whole, no. We take a rigorous approach to the science of sports training, and make sure that students are properly warmed up before they stretch, and that they are properly stretched before kicking and moving their bodies in an explosive or kinetic way. At the end of each class, we always engage in some type of strength training or calisthenics to help our student’s bodies become stronger, so they are able to handle the workload we put on them, and we always do a cooldown.
Most karate schools start training children in martial arts around the age of 5. However, at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, we train students as young as 2.5 years old. We have found that with the younger students, ages 2-3, putting them in a separate class helps them learn basic movements, and how to follow our instructions. Parents stay on the practice floor with them. Starting at age 4 years old, all of our students train together in our regular family martial arts classes.
Absolutely! Our student body ratio is almost 50/50 boys to girls.
This is one of the BEST reasons to put your child in our karate classes in Ashburn! Group sports are wonderful, but often times they invariably penalize non-athletic students because of the nature of winning. We like to remind our students that learning martial arts, and becoming a black belt leader, is a “do-it-yourself” project. You get to learn and grow at your own speed, and it doesn’t make a difference if you are faster or slower than the person beside you. The battle to learn and improve is YOUR battle, and you get to compete against yourself. There is no rush, and the instructors at Super Kicks are extremely patient and kind, and will help you learn at a pace that works for you.
Absolutely not. On the contrary, our martial arts students have a greater appreciation for the seriousness of striking, and have a better understanding of what they can do PHYSICALLY with their bodies. Coupled with a constant reminder that being a martial artist means always being respectful, kind, and courteous, our martial arts students learn that the only time to use their new physical skills is in defending themselves, or standing up for someone who can’t defend him/herself.
All of our regular martial arts classes are family based, so the easy answer is yes. However, we typically put students that are 2 and 3 years old in a special class just for them. So, if you children are ages 4 and up, they will absolutely be able to train the same class. As a matter of fact, once you officially enroll 2 people in our classes, everyone else trains for free. This is why you see so many adults training with us…most of them are the parents of our students who have simply decided that instead of watching from the sidelines, they wanted to join in on the fun and train, too!